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Comet Pumps Sells Only To Manufacturers & Companies. Sorry...Not To Consumers.


Comet Pumps Manufactures One Of A Kind 

Super High Pressure12 Volt & 24 Volt DC Mini Submersible Water Transfer Pumps.

"Comet Pumps is Recognized As The Worlds Most Energy Efficient, Economical & Hardest Working Low Voltage DC Pump"  

Building on over 20 years in business, Comet Pumps understands your needs for reliable, accurate, and energy efficient "super high pressure", small diameter, 12 volt and 24 volt DC (Direct Current) submersible water pumps.  Comet Pumps anticipates the challenging needs of industrial fluid transferring; therefore, continually improving our products based on our customers changing needs. This is the reason why we are the world's premier manufacturer of 12 volt DC and 24 volt DC small diameter submersible pumps and accessories with the reputation of "simplifying liquid transferring".
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12 Volt Dc Submersible High Pressure Pumps
12 Volt DC Submersible Rain Barrell 5 & 55 Gallon Drum Pumps
12 & 24 Volt DC Submersible Brushless Pumps
12 Volt Puma Pump
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