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12 Volt Puma Pump

Item #2000.01.00

Trying to eliminate dirty condensate water from the evaporator’s auxiliary drain pain, safely , quickly and responsibly.


Tired of lugging up that annoying shop vac up a flight of stairs into the attic? Knowing… that you will have to lug it back down when it is full of water and then emptying that water out, what a pain!


Now for the fun part...


Storing that annoying large shop vac in your van, and of course making room for it.


Not to worry, we have a solution for you...


Introducing the Puma Pump.

12 Volt Puma Pump

The Puma Pump System is a revolutionary small portable pump system that is engineered exclusively for air condition service professionals.


Just plug it into a 110 volt outlet (or 12 volt portable battery (optional). The Puma Pump System comes with a high performance pump that will last extremely long and pumps an amazing 3 gallons per minute.  

The Puma Pump System makes your life so much easier and safer. The Puma Pump System will make you a safer technician. It will make you look more professional by eliminating that loud and annoying shop vac. No more trekking through your customers house nicking the walls and possibly spilling that nasty water from the shop vac.

And we cannot forget to mention, the Puma Pump System will make the job go that much faster and easier.


So how does the Puma Pump work?

The Puma Pump pushes the water down the existing primary drain line which eliminates the need for a wet vac.

The Puma Pump System prevents service technicians from hauling a wet vacuum cleaner up into the attic and then carrying dirty condensate water down a ladder and through the customer’s house.

This in turn eliminates liability issues for the company, as well as safety issues for the technicians.

So next time when it is time to suck up that nasty, slimmy, dirty water from the condensate auxiliary pan grab a puma pump. Not only will your customers thank you, your back will too.

With a super low profile, the Puma Pump’s intake allows virtually every drop of condensate water to be sucked up.

The Puma Pump® complete system is lightweight , weighting in only 4 pounds. The carry bag has both shoulder strap and belt hook to allow hands free manoeuvrability.

Applications Of Comet Pumps 12 Volt and 24 Volt DC (Direct Current) Pumps   

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